Relational Models International Lab
2011 Schedule

      2:00am  Sapporo
    10:00am  Los Angeles,
    12:00pm  Evanston
      1:00pm  Princeton,
      6:00pm  Lisbon, London 
      7:00pm  Bergen, Copenhagen,  Amsterdam,  Utrecht,  Leipzig, Clermont-Ferrand,
Munich,  Würzburg, Kraków


7 April           Glen Adams (University of Kansas): Cultural Psychology of Relationships  (please read the chapter). 

13 April         Mariana Preciado (UCLA): It’s how we relate that makes me care about what you think about me.
(starting half an hour late) 

11 May         Joanna Shug (Hokkaido; William & Mary): 
Effects of
synchrony, coordination, and physical similarity on cooperation.

25 May         open; please volunteer or suggest something

8 June               Harriet Over (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology): Imitation and group membership: The influence of perceived similarity on young children's behaviour

22 June        Kiley Hamlin (U British Columbia): Socio-moral evaluations in the first year: the role of intentionality and knowledge states.


Spring 2010:
24 February          Amy Cuddy (Harvard):  Power posing: Brief nonverbal displays affect neuroendocrine levels and risk tolerance

3 March                 Donna Bridge (Northwestern):  Social power modulates neural mechanisms underlying math

31 March               Megan Mullet (UCLA):  The Burning Man gathering

14 April                  Hans IJzerman (VU):  Warm relationships

28 April                  Kiley Hamlin (Yale):  Infant’s social responses to others’ relationships

12 May                  Joan Chiao (Northwestern):  Neural substrates of processing magnitudes & social rank

19 May                  Susan Fiske (Princeton):  Envy Up, Scorn Down: How Comparisons Divide Us
26 May
            Mary Helen Immordino-Yang (USC): Our bodies, our minds, our "selves": admiration and compassion in the U.S. and China

2 June                   Steffen Giessner (Erasmus):  The influence of relationship mindset on attention to vertical power cues 

9 June                   Thomas Schubert (ISCTE):  Merging bodies reduces prejudice

16 June                 Deborah Gruenfeld (Stanford):  Embodiment of power

23 June                 Beate Seibt (ISCTE): The power of culture: proposal for an inter-cultural investigation into the psychological effects of power and powerlessness

28 July                  Daniel Lakens (Eindhoven):  Synchrony and relationships – a mini symposium and open discussion

Fall 2010

29 September       Lotte Thomsen (Copenhagen):  research proposal

13 October            Sanford DeVoe (Toronto):  Relational Framing of Fairness and Volunteering.

27 October            Ana Louceiro (ISCTE):  Priming Communal Sharing and Equality Matching: A matter of group belonging.

10 November        Håkon Tandberg (Bergen):  Plans for studying Zoroastrians’ relationships with superhuman agents.

24 November        Lisa Schubert (Würzburg) & Alan Fiske (UCLA): Advances in social relationships—and responses to them

8 December          Steve Pinker (Harvard): The Decline of Violence and its Psychological Roots.


Winter 2011

5 January              Alan Fiske (UCLA):  Metarelational models.

19 January            Andrew Bevan (University College London):  Relational norms and the archaeological record.

2 February            Thomas Schubert (ISCTE):  Conformations, metaphors, perceptual symbols, bodies and minds.

16 February          Michael Bang Petersen (Aarhus): Political Ideologies as Generalized Relational Models: A Research Proposal

2 March              Andranik Tumasjan (Technical University of Munich): Four of a kind? The influence of relational models on individual and team performance.

16 March               cancelled

30 March               Wim Pouw (Free University):  Warmth